• Publications

    Levy-Fix G , Gorman SL, Sepulveda JL, Elhadad N. When to re-order laboratory tests? Learning lab shelf-life. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. Preprint:

    Presentations & Poster

Levy-Fix G, Gorman SL, Elhadad N. When to re-order laboratory tests?Learning lab shelf-life. 2017 AMIA Annual Symposium.

Levy-Fix G, Elhadad N. Exploring Interactive Visualizations of Patient-Specific Problem Mixtures. 2017 IEEE VIS.

Levy-Fix G, Elhadad N. PhenoTimeline: Visual Summary of Patient Timelines. 2017 Poster Session at the Data Science Institute, Columbia University. 

Levy-Fix G, Yaman A, Weng C. “Structuring Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria with Common Data Model”. 2015 Joint Summit on Translational Science, Clinical Research Informatics Design Challenge. Challenge winner.